We are Project Include.

We make coding fun and accessible for everyone, regardless of socio-economic class, race, or age. Our mandate is to support as many individuals as possible in gaining access to critical coding skills that may pave a way to an inspirational, bright future.

Welcome to the future

The technology sector is booming, and its expansion brings with it many new career paths. Unfortunately, children in underprivileged neighbourhoods often lack the basic STEM education to gain entry into these fields. We believe that every child deserves a shot at these job opportunities. Our student-run workshops and bootcamps run through local libraries and schools, bringing accessible coding education to more kids across the Greater Toronto Area

Meet some of our instructors.


"When you see kids learn, there's that "light bulb" moment when they understand the material. It's really rewarding and makes all the preparation and planning worth it."


"My favourite part of being an instructor was watching the kids create a program in Python all by themselves and show it off to other kids in the class."


"My favorite part was seeing the kids take what I had taught them and help other kids in the class who were stuck. It showed me that they were getting it."